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“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”

~~Mahatma Gandhi

Book Review: Pastel Orphans

pastel orphansI have read quite a few books about the holocaust over the years but none of them really focuses on the children.  This book  is written from the eyes of the children involved.  It is a story of grief and endurance.  It is also a story full of bravery and determination and love! It is well written.  The characters make you feel like you know them right away and you feel every part of their experiences.  Read it. You will not be disappointed.  Great summer read!

Book Review: Butterfly Island #amreading

buttterflyButterfly Island was a great summer read. The exotic setting drew me right in. There was enough detail to make me feel I was there. The story was intriguing…the family secrets and trying to find them out.  I am finding out I really enjoy books with some historical fiction. Since I am an adventurous spirit the foreign settings are always exciting.  Loved the back story letters and diaries.  The MC romance was more like a romance novel.  Not too much to that story line.  The real meat of this book was in the family secrets.   Very interesting book! I will be reading more of this author.

Charleston Requires Two Pair

Charleston is called the “low country” for a reason.  It’s low!  Very low.  When it rains the ocean is literally trying to reclaim what is rightfully its own.  The rain fall and regardless whether the tide is low or high, the streets fill up with water till cars float and ‘turn around, don’t drown’ becomes the mantra of the day.  When I was younger I don’t remember it being so low but then,  maybe I was living in high places and did not really know it.

When I look back on the places we have lived they have been on high ground.  The higher spots of the city proper or West of the Ashley.  It is amazing how fast the streets fill up with water and become places that are suitable for a canoe or a paddle board.  With most of the city being below sea level there is no good drainage.  The rain falls and then if the tide is coming in, the ocean water meets the rain water and it becomes deep and dangerous,

I work in downtown Charleston and I learned my lesson about the rain soon after I began working.  It began to rain and I did not have rain boots with me that day.  The water began to rise in the market and it became a happening.  We had whitecaps on Market Street and when the few high SUV’s drove past our doors before the police closed down the streets, there were waves rolling up to the front doors of our building.  Believe it or not, soon there was a guy in a canoe paddling by. Amazing to see.  Within 30 minutes the rain stopped and within the hour the water had receded.

I decided I needed a pair of boots for under my desk in case I had to wade to my car.  In all the other rain storms tourists and locals needing to get places just rolled up pants and waded in that water.

Let’s talk about that water.  A lot of it is sea water bubbling up through manhole covers like geysers  or rolling in from low marsh near the bridge.  Regardless it is not clean water. Horses pee all day downtown and the streets reek in the summer.  When it rains all that water, pee  and garbage is what is in the water filling the streets.  It is not fit to wade in.

I thought I was good.  I brought in my boots to avoid making contact with the nasty water.  I thought I was good. I was not.  I was leaving work one day and it had been raining for about an hour.  Market Street was a river.  I had on my boots.  I found what I thought was a place where the water was not as deep and I would be able to get to my car on high ground.  I was with a coworker and after looking at the water and talking about how high or low it was we picked the perfect spot to make it without getting wet.  We both stepped down.  And down we went.

We knew the water was at least up  to our upper calf area but we estimated wrong.  We stepped down and the water totally filled our boots because the water was over the knee.  With disgust we waded over to our cars and went home.

I prepared for this in the future.  I walked around and really found the high ground and where to walk to get to my car without getting wet with my boots on.  My paisley boots lived under my desk and I was able to avoid that nasty water for a very long time. Then came the day it began to rain before I could  get to work. When I got to work I could not get into the building because the streets were  a flowing river in front of the building.  Where were my boots?  Under my desk.  I realized I needed two pairs of boots.  I needed one pair for the car.  I need to be able to wade in or out of the high waters that fill the streets when it rains.

That day a city employee came to my rescue. I was standing in the rain with my umbrella watching the water rise with no way to wade into the office.  I had on heels, panty hose and a little black dress.  The city worker had a pick up truck with big wheels parked right next to me.  He called to me. He offered to drive his truck the few feet in the water and drive up on the side walk to get me past the water.  He would deliver me straight to the front door of my office and I would be dry and stinky water odor free.

That very day after work I got a second pair of boots.  I needed a pair for the car and a pair for the desk.  I had spent $40 on my paisley boots but I was not going to spend that again just to wade through nasty water.  I went to Walmart and got a pair of white fishing boots for about $10. I am set. I am prepared for every Charleston flooding scenario.  Take heed people.  Don’t walk or wade in that nasty water when the streets flood.  Get boots.  Two pairs  Two pairs are needed in Charleston when it rains.

Book Review: The Lioness of Morocco #amreading

51tgke+oUQL._SS300_I really loved this book by Julia Drosten.   I was wondering at first but it drew me right in. I am an adventurer so the Moroccan setting  and historical elements were right up my alley. I grew to really love and identify with all the characters. I just hate that it took so long for Sibylla and Andre to get together. There were a few awkward time jumps early on but the story line and back stories filled in the gaps. It was a story of the strength of women being able to overcome adversity and the lengths a mother will go to protect her children. It was a love story old as time that lasted a lifetime. It was also one in which good writing let us know that sexual things were happening without being course or vulgar. Very good book! Adventure, love, villains and culture all rolled into one great story!

Sunday Breeze

The day was sticky and warm with summer licking at the heels of spring.
Licking at its heels in an effort to push spring out before the birthing of spring flowers was complete.
The windows were down yet the wind outside was warm and fetid.
It lacked the slight hint of salt found near the local marshes.
It lacked the coolness that caressed my cheek as it blew in off the harbor.
It lacked the earthy perfume of pluff mud so frequently fraganting the low country air.
With the forward motion of the car, came the backwards motion of my hair.
Slicked back by the wind and removing any hint of curls, the wind blew through it like water running through a colander.
My car was not a convertible but if you closed your eyes and held your head just right, you could also think you were in one.
I sped my way to water.
I sped my way to the sea.
I sped my way to sea breezes, the only thing to comfort me.
I jumped out into a wind that was cooling and fresh.
The roar was constant in my ears at it blew in off the sea.
Sweat dried leaving salty patches on my skin.
The day ebbed and the sky grew dim.
The wind still blew and I basked in it.
Basked until I grew cold and wanted to go in.
Yet, I stayed and took the blowing wind in.
I stayed till the moon smiled at me.
I stayed till the goosebumps went away and my skin cooled to the touch.
I stayed till I memorized the sound of the wind in my ears.
I will need to sleep tonight, to relive the evening cool.
To relive the wind sweetly kissing my cheeks with faint wisps of salty brine.
My eyes will close and I will be adrift on waves of cool breezes.

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