Reflections on Labor Day

This Labor Day was very laid back.  I had all sorts of good  intentions and mental  lists made but they were all  for naught.  The weekend ended up being quite a disorganized one.  Laundry did not get done.  Vacuuming did not get done,  Pulling out the recipe book and cooking every meal/over the 3 day weekend did nit get done either,

I rested over the weekend. I actually took naps to help catch up on some of my sleep deprivation.  I can tell a difference today.  Not so sleepy during the day.  I cooked some and ate out some.  That pile of laundry never got done  Instead I went gnome hunting with my daughter in Hampton Park.

Last week one of my coworkers was running in Hampton Park.  He saw a couple holding a gnome and reading a piece of paper, looking very puzzled.  He ran on. Then he saw a gnome tucked into a flower bed.  He ran on.  He passed the couple again walking with their gnome.  He passed the gnome in the flower bed again.  He passed that gnome three times and then he stopped and picked up the gnome.

Attached to the gnome was a note and entire backstory.  His name was Jolly and he needed a new home.  His nickname was Lee  and his favorite foods were popcorn and root beer.  After I told my daughter this tale we had to go gnome hunting.  And so we did. For two hours we looked. We did not find a gnome but it was the adventure of trying to find one that my daughter liked.

The only other wild and crazy thing I did was watch the Starbucks live feed for the birthing of pumpkin   spice latte.  It was a great marketing ploy, Fun too!  That was my weekend.  Fluid and unordered.

This Picture Tho’

marthaI saw this picture early  last week and it has to be my picture of the week.  Martha with her two different perspectives of two very different people. All of them are icons in their own right.  The fact that Martha and Snoop are good friends and have been good friend forever is still surprising after all this time.

Martha is the OG fo sho!

What a Week

It has been the most exhausting week I have had in a very long time.  During the day for some moments of it, I have seriously needed toothpicks to hold my eyes open.  This extreme fatigue was due to my mother having outpatient surgery.  Early to get her to the hospital and staying up almost all night to be sure I was awake in case she needed anything or had an issue.  Sleep deprivation is a very real thing.  This morning I tried to take a mid morning nap.  I slept for two hours. That helped.  The feeling of a sludgy, zombie brain is wearing off.   Slowly.

Other highlights of the week have been my total obsession with April the Giraffe and her baby that refuses to come. I have been tuning into her feed for over a month!  Still no baby.  April is now her and she seems like she is finally moving rapidly toward labor.  That is according to the zoo handlers and her vet.  But…there is still no baby.  My daughter is totally OVER me talking about April.  Whenever I try to give her an update she literally says she does not want to hear it!  RUDE!  I mean the whole world is waiting on April to have that giraffe.

I play Pokémon Go on occasion and lots of new items and creatures have just been released.  I was almost done with collecting them all. Now I feel like I have to start all over with the new ones!  You know…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Pets!  We have two that are so needy.  So annoying when you are trying to take a nap to recover from zombie brain. They jump all over you and squeak toys wanting to play.  Really!  Nap time is not the same time as human ear bathing time.  OMG!  No rest when needy pets are around.

I have almost completed my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project.  I have 2 pages to complete and I will be done.  I will then send it back to the gallery in New York for digitizing and tours.  I think that will be my last one for a while.  I have done three in as many years.  I think I am goinfloater itg to be concentrating on writing.

Funny and creepiest thing of the week as been the #trump #IT meme.  It is very creepy and funny all at the same time!

Tomorrow is a new week.  Another chance to get it right!


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