Violet Tears

Today was a sad day as well as a celebration. We lost one of our beloved choir members a little while ago very unexpectedly. She was an amazing person. So loved by so many. She went in for what was to be an easy procedure and had a stroke in the recovery period after the surgery. She was a member of our church choir with me. A soprano. She had a beautiful spirit and she really loved my daughter. At times I can still hear her voice. She had a certain way of looking over her glasses and asking me, “where’s my girl?” She called my daughter HER girl. I was more than happy to share my child with her.
Even now it is so hard to believe she is gone. She is though. I will always miss her dearly.
A few words that came to me this morning as I was getting ready for her memorial service today.

Violets fell from her eyes in a stream of flowing sadness. Her soul cried out in purple and lilac and blue. She had crossed the gossamer veil into invisibility. Only memories that cut to the quick remain. Memories, vivid now and tangible, that will eventually fade to sepia, with curled edges and forgotten dates. Death and Angels come shrouded in beautiful purple drapes but they follow us with aged, sepia eyes knowing this is the final goodbye.


Left of Center

Angles a’jangle and elbows akimbo,
eyes and limbs askew.
A hem hanging down and a tilt-a-wheel hat,
defined all life that he knew.

Life was a cobblestone complete with a trip
On each and every third stone.
Storms with gale force winds was all he had ever known.

The wind whipped his umbrella backwards.
Rain danced familiarly on his head.
Life was left of center with elusive bits of brightness.
They sparkled in the labyrinth of his head.
This bit of poetry sums up this week perfectly. It was full of unexpected things.


New Uses for Old Haunted Places

jailI read an article in the newspaper that the Old City Jail is in the process of being remodeled and turned into an office building.  That seems incredibly sad to me.  It is in the hands of a developer who is on the trail  of getting permission to do this.

How can this be?  This is Charleston’s most haunted building.  It is a place ripe with African American history for our region. Why can’t it be restored and preserved as an historical site.  It needs museum status. For this building to become an office building would be a travesty.

The jail, which was operational from 1802 until 1939, was the place were 10,000 people died from diseases, execution or injury.  There was a lot of injury.  It was the time of slavery in the south.  Some of our most famous and crazy prisoners were housed there.  Lavinia Fisher and her husband were there.  She was our first female serial killer.  She and husband used poison and a bed of stakes to kill their victims. Denmark Vessey and black soldiers were housed there.

And did I say already that it is haunted? The ghost of Lavinia Fisher is supposed to be there. People claimed to have seen her and heard her speak!  Things move, people see shadows moving, the rattling of chains can be heard and people on tour have been touched or scratched by unseen things.  There is a local tour company that gives a tour there. I have always wanted to go and but it off thinking they would be doing that tour forever.  I guess I really need to book it… and soon.  Progress waits for no man.

When I think about it being haunted, who would want to work there?  I do not think I would. I do want to go, take the tour and take pictures. I hope to get some interesting ghost pictures!  The souls of 10,000 were lost there.  It is not a place to go daily.  It is a place to pay homage to the dead.


The Best Laid Plans

todoHave you ever had your whole day planned out and nothing you had planned worked out?  That was my Saturday on yesterday.  This was a weekend I had off.  I did not have to work so I had a list and everything planned out in my mind.  My plans were to get up, cook breakfast, take child to work, come back home for a short nap then begin a kitchen purge.

I had read an article online a few days ago about being minimalist and how less is more.  I decided with a birthday coming next week, I should think about having less.  So, I planned to start with a kitchen purge and then move on to other rooms.

Well. We got up and I cooked breakfast and prior to taking my daughter to work I decided to stop at the gas station to put some air in the tires. I did and the left front tire was low a well as the back right. I pulled out of the gas lot and got to the median.  It was time to put the pedal to the medal and get daughter to work. Tick. Tick. Tick. What was that sound? TICK. TICK. TICK.  It was even louder.

I turned the radio down and opened the window.  It was a tire making that noise.  I put on the emergency flashers and made a loop to get back to the mall.  I needed to go to Sears to get it checked.  Gerald’s Tires was too far to travel.

At Sears there was a long line of people ahead of us.  But, the day was partially saved by the clerk who helped me.  I think he even put me ahead of others to get me out the door a little sooner.  He drove my car and after hearing the sounds, drove it right on to a lift and found three bad tires.  One had a huge screw with a washer.  No patch would hold on that.  Another had a nail in the side edge.  No patch would hold that either.  The third tire had a bulge where the steel radial belt inside had moved. Only one tire was good and it was the last one I had replaced in the past year.  I had to replace all so that they would be uniform.

The auto guy tells me it would be a little wait but he would get her gone!  It would cost $350 for the four new tires.  Not what I wanted to pay.  Those funds were earmarked for other things, but what could I do? With no car work, church and other things cannot happen.  So out that money went on new tires!  Bummer!  Real bummer because some of that  was for my birthday next week.   I guess I’m grateful I had the funds to keep us rolling.

So where is the list in all of this?  All shot to hell is where.  I got my daughter to work two hours late. I was still very tired and after trying not to nod off in the Sears waiting room and failing, I was still tired.  I decided to go home but took a detour at World Market.  I got wine and new wine glasses.  Then home and I took a short nap before it was time to get daughter from work.  Before finally going home we did make a stop at Starbucks.  I got an iced green tea latte.  It was the highlight of my day.  Once home it was dinner, a little sangria and to bed early.

Sunday is another day.  Another day to try to begin that list.  That kitchen purge is still there, waiting on me to begin.  And I will.  Come hell or high water.  I’m doing something in that kitchen!  Less is more and to make that happen you have to plan and have time to review possessions to let them go.

I have heard on and off throughout the years…make some plans…..go ahead…God laughs at those!  He has other plans for us.

Book Review: The Lioness of Morocco #amreading

51tgke+oUQL._SS300_I really loved this book by Julia Drosten.   I was wondering at first but it drew me right in. I am an adventurer so the Moroccan setting  and historical elements were right up my alley. I grew to really love and identify with all the characters. I just hate that it took so long for Sibylla and Andre to get together. There were a few awkward time jumps early on but the story line and back stories filled in the gaps. It was a story of the strength of women being able to overcome adversity and the lengths a mother will go to protect her children. It was a love story old as time that lasted a lifetime. It was also one in which good writing let us know that sexual things were happening without being course or vulgar. Very good book! Adventure, love, villains and culture all rolled into one great story!

Sunday Breeze

The day was sticky and warm with summer licking at the heels of spring.
Licking at its heels in an effort to push spring out before the birthing of spring flowers was complete.
The windows were down yet the wind outside was warm and fetid.
It lacked the slight hint of salt found near the local marshes.
It lacked the coolness that caressed my cheek as it blew in off the harbor.
It lacked the earthy perfume of pluff mud so frequently fraganting the low country air.
With the forward motion of the car, came the backwards motion of my hair.
Slicked back by the wind and removing any hint of curls, the wind blew through it like water running through a colander.
My car was not a convertible but if you closed your eyes and held your head just right, you could also think you were in one.
I sped my way to water.
I sped my way to the sea.
I sped my way to sea breezes, the only thing to comfort me.
I jumped out into a wind that was cooling and fresh.
The roar was constant in my ears at it blew in off the sea.
Sweat dried leaving salty patches on my skin.
The day ebbed and the sky grew dim.
The wind still blew and I basked in it.
Basked until I grew cold and wanted to go in.
Yet, I stayed and took the blowing wind in.
I stayed till the moon smiled at me.
I stayed till the goosebumps went away and my skin cooled to the touch.
I stayed till I memorized the sound of the wind in my ears.
I will need to sleep tonight, to relive the evening cool.
To relive the wind sweetly kissing my cheeks with faint wisps of salty brine.
My eyes will close and I will be adrift on waves of cool breezes.

A Week of Covfefe! #covfefe #amwriting

This week has been a doozy.  First of all I bracket it all with the new word that has swept the entire world…covfefe.  I needed this word and I’m glad it now exists through the ignorance of our president.  It fits so many things and can be applied in so may ways.

My Memorial Day weekend was low key.  Just what I needed.  I did make it to one Piccolo Spoleto event.  It was awesome.  It was the night performance in the Organ Recital Series.  Bach and Vivaldi….you can’t go wrong with my favorite classical composers.  Other outings were planned but did not materialize.  In its stead I stayed home and rested, cooked and clean up a bit. I also read books.  I finished four books over the weekend.   Sometimes staying home is the better option and it felt good.

Covfefe in all its infinite glory was released upon the world in a late night, rambling tweet.  I have tried to used it almost daily and it is always the right fit.  When I heard about the fact that the new administration has not named people for permanent positons for the head of FEMA or the NWS, I was just a little livid.  We live on the coast and hurricane season has officially started for our state.  If we have a major storm I can only see a trump disaster of covfefe proportions.

A small joy in my attempts at creativity has happened at work.  Two of my pictures of indigenous Mayan Indians that I took when I was in Guatemala were chosen to be part of an art exhibit called Face Off.  Seeing your work as part of a juried show is filled with glittery, happy covfefe!

When life is rolling along all of a sudden things can turn on a dime.  We go word that one of our students at work passed away.  Tragic for a young life to be silenced forever.  Prayers for that family and the friends who knew him.  That was a load of covfefe!

Then the whole Kathy Griffin bloody mask picture happened.  It sure has been a lot of to do about nothing.  Where was all the outrage and hate toward the people who did the same and even worse to President Obama?  Such double standards.


You would think that covfefe was enough for one week.  NOOOooooo,  It was not!  We all learned that our country is now one of three countries who are not part of caring for our planet.  We  have been removed from the Paris Climate Accord.  No real reason.  Regardless of the words said, it seems the actions indicate that everything that Obama tried to do, trump is trying to undo.  His legacy will not be one of doing great things for America.  Instead it will be simply trying to undercut all things his predecessor did due to jealousy and racism.  That is no legacy.  America is now the laughing stock of the world.  Pure covfefe.

Comedy has marked the week as well.  It started off with lots of versions of the rompers for men.  What a craze!  I’ve seen rompers for gansta’ men, country men, medical professionals and others.  Just crazy.  Today I saw the next new thing for men.  Lace shorts!  Really!  No manly man will wear these.  This is just covfefe in its’ purest form.


I just can’t.  Each day there is more covfefe.  I keep thinking that Washington will calm down and that what happened yesterday or the day before can  in no way be topped. I am wrong every time! Each day is a brand new day for Covfefe!

Book Review: Whisper My Secret #amreading

Whisper My Secret (Whisper My Secret #1)Whisper My Secret by JB Rowley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good story. Thought it was gong to read less like a story a s be more autobiographical. This was a riveting story. It was hard to read that she had no option but to give up her first three children. They were cared for but it was bittersweet. Relationships. Sometimes you are trapped because the person you are in a relationship with comes with unknown drama and family drama that you never see until you are in the thick of it. Well told story of a mother and how she overcame and endured much for the sake of her children. .

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