Book Review: Everything We Keep #amreading

Everything We KeepEverything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale. Well, this book was a little disappointing. It has some plot scenarios that drew me in but some of the story line was predictable and other parts seemed a little far fetched. It was an easy weekend read. The ending had a twist but if you read psychological thrillers you kind of knew that was coming. The writing was a little over the top in some places but I did make it to the end. I was tempted to stop reading and come back to it later but I finished it. Meh!

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Book Review: Bright Side #amreading

Bright Side by Kim Holden. This book was very good. The characters were developed enough to make me care about them. In my mind the voice of Bright Side sounded just like Max from 2 Broke Girls. Dude! That was a bit tiring.  Everything I read I heard in that voice.  But eventually I grew to really like her and as the other characters were developed that annoying voice in my head went away. There was a little too much tragedy. Granted it did make me cry and laugh, it was a lot of tragedy.  I was hoping for a happier ending instead of a dead.  I realized it is part of a series.  I am not sure I will read on but this first book was well done.  Overall a good read.41b3Gn9gUdL

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