A Week of Covfefe! #covfefe #amwriting

This week has been a doozy.  First of all I bracket it all with the new word that has swept the entire world…covfefe.  I needed this word and I’m glad it now exists through the ignorance of our president.  It fits so many things and can be applied in so may ways.

My Memorial Day weekend was low key.  Just what I needed.  I did make it to one Piccolo Spoleto event.  It was awesome.  It was the night performance in the Organ Recital Series.  Bach and Vivaldi….you can’t go wrong with my favorite classical composers.  Other outings were planned but did not materialize.  In its stead I stayed home and rested, cooked and clean up a bit. I also read books.  I finished four books over the weekend.   Sometimes staying home is the better option and it felt good.

Covfefe in all its infinite glory was released upon the world in a late night, rambling tweet.  I have tried to used it almost daily and it is always the right fit.  When I heard about the fact that the new administration has not named people for permanent positons for the head of FEMA or the NWS, I was just a little livid.  We live on the coast and hurricane season has officially started for our state.  If we have a major storm I can only see a trump disaster of covfefe proportions.

A small joy in my attempts at creativity has happened at work.  Two of my pictures of indigenous Mayan Indians that I took when I was in Guatemala were chosen to be part of an art exhibit called Face Off.  Seeing your work as part of a juried show is filled with glittery, happy covfefe!

When life is rolling along all of a sudden things can turn on a dime.  We go word that one of our students at work passed away.  Tragic for a young life to be silenced forever.  Prayers for that family and the friends who knew him.  That was a load of covfefe!

Then the whole Kathy Griffin bloody mask picture happened.  It sure has been a lot of to do about nothing.  Where was all the outrage and hate toward the people who did the same and even worse to President Obama?  Such double standards.


You would think that covfefe was enough for one week.  NOOOooooo,  It was not!  We all learned that our country is now one of three countries who are not part of caring for our planet.  We  have been removed from the Paris Climate Accord.  No real reason.  Regardless of the words said, it seems the actions indicate that everything that Obama tried to do, trump is trying to undo.  His legacy will not be one of doing great things for America.  Instead it will be simply trying to undercut all things his predecessor did due to jealousy and racism.  That is no legacy.  America is now the laughing stock of the world.  Pure covfefe.

Comedy has marked the week as well.  It started off with lots of versions of the rompers for men.  What a craze!  I’ve seen rompers for gansta’ men, country men, medical professionals and others.  Just crazy.  Today I saw the next new thing for men.  Lace shorts!  Really!  No manly man will wear these.  This is just covfefe in its’ purest form.


I just can’t.  Each day there is more covfefe.  I keep thinking that Washington will calm down and that what happened yesterday or the day before can  in no way be topped. I am wrong every time! Each day is a brand new day for Covfefe!

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