Time. It Flies.

The last two weeks have been so very busy.  Never have I felt more like a hamster on a wheel.  The days and nights all ran together like ribbons of time twisted and tied around each other.  Sometimes the ribbons were smooth like black tarred roads. Other times they were twisted and curled like the loops of roller coaster taking me faster and faster to places I needed to go. time

One of the surprise things that happened in the last two weeks was a surprise root canal.  Okay…how could that be a surprise, you ask? Well.  I went to the dentist because my crown started to crumble.  Little flecks of gray dental stuff began to come off and there left a jagged edge.  I was thinking I would go in and he could just put a new crown on top.  Nope!  After an x-ray the nerves were dead and a root canal was needed.  I went for it.  I only had an hour for lunch but what could I do?  No choice.  I agreed to the numbing and the shots and the two hours needed to do the root canal, and make a crown, bake it and cement it on.  I went back to work after, lips numb and feeling like they were sticking two feet out from my face.

Here it is about two weeks later and I am a new person.  I can chew again.  Both sides.  Aging teeth.  What can we do?  With time comes age and things begin to thrown youth away.  Costly, but I am better now.

I was also the serious mom taxi.  Child had lots to do with work and college and exams.  It was not until I was sitting still could I feel just how tired I was.  Bone tired.  So tired that if I put my hand under my chin I could be asleep in about three minutes.  No kidding.  With drool, dreams and short snoring.

The weekends were not better.  Work, church, church events and trying to watch TV but being oh, so tired.  So tired that within five minutes the TV was watching me.  I was determined to get off that endless looping of time this weekend.  No work this weekend so I made it a point to get a little extra sleep.  I can tell a difference.  I feel a little more rested but the clock is ticking.  I had the mental list of things to do with time off.  I decided to throw it all to the wind and let the seconds fall where they may.

You have to do that sometimes.  Throw time away.  Be timeless, fluid and let the wind carry you where it may, like a leaf on the breeze of a warm summer day.

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