Sardines and Smellies at Work #notright #amwriting #sardines

I admit it!  I have always been a sardine eater.  I grew up loving them.  They were always a treat to me.  The ones I love have to be in oil.  I love fishy things that come in little tin cans.  Sardines, smoksardinesed oysters and octopus tentacles.  Tuna.  I have always worked in office setting and have found out that I have not always been the only sardine eater in the office.

The problem with sardines and all things that come in little tin cans is that they are smelly.  In a cube farm everyone can smell you are eating them. That has never deterred me.  I do eat sardines at work. I ate this can on yesterday at my desk.   They are low in calories, the perfect protein treat and they are good for you. They also have a long shelf life so they will be good in the zombie apocalypse.  The date on this can said it was good until 2021.

 I do try to respect my coworkers when I do eat them.  I will tie up the can and oil in a separate trash bag to contain the smell.  Even I do not want to smell sardines for six or seven hours in my small cube.  I also keep a can of my favorite air freshener in my cube cabinet.  When I am done with my sardines, I whip out my can of spray and freshen the air.  I eat my sardines the politically correct way.  Not everyone does though.  I’ve been in offices were that was not the case and those coworkers made it bad for everyone else who loved sardines.

One past office even had a ban on sardines. The ban was in place before I started working there.  I found out about it when I ate my first can in the office.  Ban?  Really? I so ignored that!  I just made sure mine did not smell up the place. A plastic bag and air freshener will do the trick.

The point?  Sardine lovers of the world unite!  Eat those sardines at work, in your cube, anywhere…really.  Just be sure you do it the right way!

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