Ding Dong #trumpcare #trump


I normally don’t get all caught up in the rabble of politics but with this administration it is hard not too.  Everyday I need a new bag of popcorn and a can of Coke!  No one can make any of this up!  Seriously!  Yesterday the failed bill to replace and repeal the Affordable Care Act was shut all the way down. Thank God, because so many people would be affected in an adverse way.  With control of both chambers #trump did not need any democrats to pass the bill.  I am so glad that all could see that it was a complete and utter failure of a bill to place upon the American people!  Clearer heads are beginning to prevail.

The standard was heard after it was pulled. The spin.  It was the fault of the Democrats. Obviously the threats and bullying to get the Republicans to vote for it did not work.  The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare remains the law of the land. Good!  Rightly so!

So far the Trump reign has been nothing but chaos and turmoil on a daily basis.  This kind of daily chaos has never graced the presidency of anyone we have ever had before.  Everyday more alternative facts, lies and then there is Russia looming in the background. None of his campaign promises are coming to fruition.  No wall paid for by Mexico.  American taxpayers will be paying for it.  No repeal and replacement of Obamacare. The travel bans have been a disaster and both of them have been stopped by judges.  Innocent people are being stopped, deported and delayed for no good reason.  The countries were know terrorists have originated are not even on the travel ban list.

It is a wild, wild trump world were ignorance is bliss. I have always been a firm believer that in time all will be revealed and even those last hanger-on’s will have to see the light. Right now I see that all my republican friends on social media who were all so vocal are now getting more and more quiet.  They have yet to speak out about the utter lunacy of the things going on in the Trump camp.  Bowling Green massacres, alternative facts, the travel ban hurting innocent people….silence. I think to myself, surely they cannot think these things are right.  Surely the chaotic winds blowing daily out of Washington cannot be good.

I have not even mentioned the cost of all those trips to Florida to golf every weekend and the cost of keep half of the first family in Trump tower. Camp David is sitting empty.   Just imagine if Obama did anything even remotely similar.  Trump has gone over the travel cost in three months what Obama used in all 8 years.  Where is the outrage? I only hear silence.

I keep thinking that nothing more egregious can happen.  Then it does.  Everyday. The class and dignity of the Obama years is sorely missed.  Hang on….I have to go get more butter for my popcorn.  Monday begins a new week!

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