Money: Root of all Evil

I think that money really is the root of all evil.  I used to think it was man making bad choices.  It most likely is both.  Man trying to control all the things…with money.  The scenario from a fmoneyriend.  He borrowed a few funds from a friend.  All was good.  This was not too long ago.  The one who lent the funds, now, out of the blue has decided that he wants interest.  This has not been relayed to the person he lent the funds to.  It was told to another friend.  REALLY?  That’s not right.  Whatever you agreed upon at the time the funds were given is what the deal is. Someone cannot just out of the blue add on interest.  That is just wrong.

I see friends not being friends anymore.  This will be  good plot prompt for a story currently in progress.  The plot always thickens!  What are your thoughts.  Was adding on random interest morally right?  The story I am still working on  is an old one from two NaNoWriMo’s ago that I did not finish. So many words still needed!

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