Burnt Red Orange

Reflections on today.

I’m feeling burnt red orange,

Colour speak for bittersweet.

It’s not cool, like jazz. Not blue.

Or slippered like stilettoed feet.

Awash with feelings

not meant for me,

I long for the shore.

With each new wave

Bittersweet is drawn out

To live forever at the seas’ floor.

The roar of the wave,

The bright mist of the sea,

The din of the water–

It’s not cacophonous.

Instead it’s a silver, melodious

Harmony that speaks to me.

It speaks to bittersweet.

It speaks to burnt red orange.

To the soul it whispers a new colour.

A new hue for a new feel.

A new hue for a new day!!

A hue other than burnt red orange… colour speak for bittersweet.

~~Mary Catherine James

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