Back at it again!

This is my first post here.  After all this time finally a “matrixity” blog.  I have been blogging for many, many years.  Too many to count.  I know I began in the late 90’s.  As soon as I found out about “blogger” I was on it!  I have taken the last few years off.  I felt like I did not have much to say but times have changed.  Life changes and I have found my words again.  I think I have.  Sometimes the words are  hard and sometimes the words are easy.  Sometimes time is short and there not enough time to get the words out.  It is important to make the time.  It waits for no one and it makes no sense to live with regrets.

Here hopefully you will find some interesting things to read.  Maybe something to laugh and even cry about.  Some things that are of great beauty, as well.  I love to capture my surroundings with my camera.

So climb on board and choose the red pill.  Join me in my matrix.  I’ll show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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